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Smile on your face

A photographic journey through time revealing Patrick Troughton's (Second Dr Who) huge body of professional work. Using recently discovered personal albums covering his entire career from 1945-87, his son Michael Troughton has compiled the best of the collection which includes studio, behind-the-scenes, continuity, location, telly snaps and gifted photos, revealing the talented and much missed actor at work.

My second book about Dad is in the form of a photo album that tracks his professional career from 1946 through to his untimely death in 1987. It was only made possible by the discovery of a large number of unseen personal photographs and documents in his old flat in Bushy Park, London. The present occupier contacted my brother explaining he had found three large cardboard boxes of our Dad's personal belongings and would we like to have them. It turned out to be a treasure trove of behind the scenes photos, old contracts, and publicity stills from many of the jobs he had done over the years. Many of the photos had never been seen before and lots of them had personal comments on their reverse sides which I have included in the book. The book was a pleasure to get together and underlined to me the quantity of work my father had done over his lifetime. I hope you enjoy reading it, for it is not only a book about my father but a through time and a history of TV.

Patrick Troughton: The Biography

Respected and loved, Patrick Troughton is probably best remembered as the second Doctor Who - a role in which he made television history. A prolific actor, he was also a complex and troubled man, constantly wrestling with two lives, one of which he was determined to keep secret. In this new Special Anniversary Edition Michael Troughton presents an entertaining and personal account of his father's professional and private life. Meticulously researched, he explores Patrick's childhood, his experiences at sea during World War II and the successful acting career which led to his historic casting as Doctor Who in 1966. Patrick's Doctor Who years are recalled in vivid detail, from his initial uncertainty about taking the part through the legendary 'monster years', to his troubled final season and three subsequent returns to the role. This Special Anniversary Edition includes three new chapters that reveal Patrick's growing enjoyment of the American convention circuit, the tragic aftermath of his ultimate death and the legacy he left through the voices of his friends, colleagues, fans and family. Honest, detailed and affectionate, this is story of Patrick Troughton the actor, and Patrick Troughton the man.

Many fans ask me why I had decided that I should write a biography about my father after so much time had past.I had written three articles for the Dr Who magazine about growing up as Patrickʼs son, which were very well received. After his death, I was approached by numerous people all encouraging me to write his biography. I felt it was too soon to start such a project especially as my mother did not really like the idea. They were both such private people and I had to respect that.

The project was forgotten for 20 years although publishers still contacted me asking when I would start. Fans and the general public were very interested in hearing about Dad. There had been nothing written as he was such a private man.


In 2011, a publisher contacted me. I thought the time was right. Enough water had past under the bridge by then. My mother had mellowed and the fans were still as enthusiastic about the idea.

I began research that spring. It was difficult. I panicked a bit at the start thinking I wouldn’t be able to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard rather! I started by sorting a chronological list of all his work. The memories and stories came slowly but it amazed me how many I could remember with time. It was a snowball effect really. One memory would lead onto another, until I had hundreds of sheets of paper stuck to my wall! I found paper a lot easier to sort than computer files.


There was a great deal of research involved in putting the biography together. My sister Joanna was a great help. I knew nothing about Dad before the sixties because I was born in 1955, the same year he left my mum. Joanna was able to tell me all about the family before I was around. I contacted other friends and family as well. I put an appeal out on the web for stories and information. One man sent me Dadʼs scrapbooks that he had bought off ebay. They were a great help.

When I approached people to interview  as research for the book, their general reaction to being asked to be a part of it was OK. It did depends who I asked. Most people, colleagues and friends were very helpful. My brother David was useless! He just told me he couldn’t remember a thing. Thanks Dave!


I did approach other members of his family. Some were very cooperative but others didn’t want to talk. I respect that. One of the primary sources I used was my father's diary and many readers tell me it is one of the real treasures of the book to hear about him and his life in his

own words. His diaries are a treasure trove of episodes in his life. He wrote about everything, emotions and feelings. I have around half of the diaries he kept, but unfortunately the others were probably sold on his death. I still hope they can be recovered.


I used photos throughout the book, and have since also published a book of images dedicated to my father's life. The photos were mostly from the family collection. I did talk to some TV companies about other photos but in the end never used the few they sent. I was very lucky in 2015 when a man discovered a huge collection of Dadʼs personal belongings in his old flat. Many of those never seen before photos are now in the new book.




Future Publications:

All That Shouting in the Evening

An encyclopedia of all my father's work including radio, TV, film and stage work. Set out in decade chapters, this  extensive work attempts to provide the reader with information on Patrick's acting career through a colourful and clear layout.

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