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Doctor Who 1966-69 photo gallery:

Season 4

The Power of the Daleks   Six episodes   5th November - 10th December 1966

The Highlanders   Four episodes   17th December - 7th January 1966-67

The Underwater Menace   Four episodes  14th January - 4th February 1967

The Moonbase   Four episodes  11th February - 4th March 1967

The Macra Terror   Four episodes  11th March - 1st April 1967

The Faceless Ones   Six episodes  8th April - 13th May 1967

The Evil of the Daleks   Seven episodes  20th May - 1st July 1967

Season 4

The Tomb of the Cybermen   Four episodes  2nd September - 23rd September 1967

The Abominable Snowmen   Six episodes  2nd September - 23rd September 1967

The Ice Warriors   Six episodes  11th November - 16th December 1967

The Enemy of the World   Six episodes  23rd December - 27th January 1967-68

The Web of Fear   Six episodes  3rd February - 9th March 1968

Fury from the Deep Six episodes  16th March - 20th April 1968

The Wheel in Space   Six episodes  27th April - 1st June 1968

Season 4

The Dominators   Five episodes  10th August - 7th September 1968

The Mind Robbers   Five episodes  14th September - 12th October 1968

The Invasion   Eight episodes  2nd November - 21st December 1968

The Krotons   Four episodes  28th December - 18th January 1968-69

The Seeds of Death   Six episodes  25th January - 1st March 1989

The Space Pirates   Six episodes  8th March - 12 April 1969

The War Games   Ten episodes  19th April - 21st June 1969

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